Upgraded M3 Set to create Existence on the highway Simpler

Regular lorry motorists within the south of England is going to be happy to hear the M3 is becoming an simpler and safer spot to drive on, because of the timely opening of the new 4th lane and the development of a raft of smart technology measures. The transformation of the 13.4-mile stretch of carriageway between Farnborough and also the M25 right into a ‘smart’ freeway looks set to substantially cut journey occasions by an believed 15% – something I believe we all can appreciate. Using the anticipated easing of congestions, the opportunity to undertake return loads has become a practical aim, making your effort a lot more rewarding.

Lots of Changes

This typically busy artery, first opened up in 1971, has lengthy been looking for propelling in to the twenty-first century, given its vital role like a link between London and also the The West. Along with the welcome introduction of the 4th lane (which replaces hard shoulder both in directions and can increase capacity with a third) an entire resurfacing from the road surface and slip roads means you may expect an easier voyage from beginning to end for you personally, your automobile and also the return loads you’re transporting. Rob Pidcock, director of Highways England’s smart freeway programme, is certain that the 3-year project, which cost £174m, is a resounding success: “This is really a significant upgrade for that M3 and can deliver real benefits for that 130,000 motorists using it every single day. We’ve added 26.8 miles of recent lanes for this busy portion of the M3 and completely overhauled we’ve got the technology to provide motorists better information to assist using their journeys.”

Smart Technology for any Smarter Journey

With being able to set flexible speed limits as a result of real-time conditions on the highway and supply a continuous stream of up-to-date details about conditions in front of you, smart technologies are certainly likely to be your friend within the ongoing fight against lengthy journey occasions and tiresome holdups. 45 Closed-circuit television cameras, 113 electronic signs and signals and 55 radar detectors happen to be installed across the revamped freeway.Cooperating, these technologies will enable rapid identification associated with a substantial queues, occurrences or breakdowns that threaten the fast delivery of return loads and be sure a fast solution.

Future Plans

It’s great to determine that, using these much-needed changes the street, government bodies are firmly along the side of hard-working hauliers. The job hasn’t finished, though: the Woodlands Lane Bridge within the M3 and near Windlesham can also be likely to be reconstructed completely, an activity which will hopefully be finished later around. Highways England has stressed, however , this project won’t increase the risk for introduction associated with a permanent traffic limitations around the M3.

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